Monday, September 1, 2014

Homework Caddy

This year I wanted to super organized before schools starts. Homework is a struggle in our house. This year I have a 4th grader and 2nd grader. I always say that my kids don't have homework. I have homework. I thought I already put in my years of homework? No one told me I would have homework while my kids are in school. Well, since the homework isn't going away I thought I would be extra prepared this year. So, I did a little research and came up with a simple homework caddy. Each day after school my kids can grab it off the dining room hutch and get to work.

Homework essentials are scissors, sharpened pencils with erasers, glue sticks, ruler, tape, stapler, and Elmer's glue. Everything they need is here. So easy to grab and get to work. The grey caddy was purchased at Target for around $3.50 and the buckets were in the $1 bins at Target (don't you just LOVE those $1 bins - you never know what you might find in there.) Happy homework days!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Stitch Fix Box - July 2014

Everyone always asks about Stitch Fix.  So, this month, I thought I would post what I received in my box. It's like Christmas in a box! I wait until my boys are asleep to try on all the fun pieces of clothing and decide what I'm going to keep.
 First up. This adorable chevron pattern dress. Love the colors and style, hated the fit. Not flattering for me at all.
 Love the style on this tank dress but, the cut was off on me and it was too big. Not a keeper.
 I love, love, love this shirt and they sent me my favorite jeans. The jeans were one size too big so I e-mailed them and they sent me a size smaller - which they usually don't do. They just happened to have the size I needed in stock. I LOVE THESE JEANS!
 KUT jeans are amazing.
 This shirt I stole from my neighbors box. She brought her box over and tried everything on and I fell in love with this one so she let me keep it. Score!

 This is one of my favorite things about Stitch Fix - they give you these amazing cards with ideas on how to wear each item in your box. It's awesome. They also sent me an extremely pricey necklace, which I didn't even open. I sent that one back. Yikes.
I love Stitch Fix! I like having someone else style me because I would never pick out some of these items on my own but end up loving them.

Here is how it works...
Sign up online. You fill out a profile on your likes/dislikes/sizes and they charge you $20 once they ship your box. You try on the items in your box and decide what you want and don't want. They send you a USPS bag to send the unwanted items back. If you choose an item the $20 that you were charged to send the box goes toward your purchase. It's awesome and fun. I've only done it 3 times over the last year.  You can have them send you a box on a regular basis or you can go on when you want and ask them to send one.  You can mark how much you are willing to spend in  your profile. I have the least expensive items marked in mine. The shirt I purchased was $28 and the jeans I purchased were $78 but, I had $75 credit from referring others to Stitch Fix.

Here is a link if you are interested in giving it a try...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Camano Island 4th of July

This year we decided to get away just as a family to my family's cabin on Camano Island. We love the island. It's so quiet and beautiful. Here are some pics from our little weekend adventure.
 The view from the deck of our cabin.
 At the local bakery in Stanwood enjoying some donuts!

 Small town parade in Stanwood. The kids like it because they threw candy to them.

 Grandpa Don came up and gave the boys a joyride in his 67' Camaro.

 Lighting off some small fireworks - smoke bombs, snakes, and the tank.

 We went to a parking lot on Camano to do the bigger ones.
The boys were worried we would get in trouble. 

 My handsome husband.

 Me and Caeders at the beach.
 All you need to give this boy is a bucket and he is happy for days.

Monday, July 14, 2014

IKEA Spice Rack Into Bookshelf

I had seen this on Pinterest and wanted to do it for my kids books in my own home. Each time I went to IKEA they were sold out or I just forgot to grab the spice racks. I took them home and painted them, attached them to the wall. These bookshelves are specifically for my kid's library books so that they don't get mixed up with our own personal books. They are also easily accessible for my kids to just grab one and start reading. I love how the shelves turned out and how easy it was to transform them. A little bit of Annie Sloan paint does wonders.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Cookies and Kindness

When we moved into our neighborhood 10 years ago we knew that living in Tacoma was going to be a lesson in life that would change our hearts forever. We purchased our home and were honestly, a bit worried for our safety but, it was very evident that God had called us here.

(Walking down the alley in our neighborhood while drinking Slurpees from 7-11)

One thing that God has been teaching me is about kindness. Kindness to the least of these. In our neighborhood it's learning to be kind and loving toward kids that roam; with no parents supervising them, hungry, thristy, and basically on their own. Yes, they have stolen things from us and ruined plants in our yard but how does God ask me to respond? He has called us to respond with kindness and love. Noah, our 9 year old, has a very soft heart and constantly advocates for these kids. "Mom, they are hungry. Do we have anything for them?" "I need to give them water." Noah often reflects the love of Jesus better than I do. I am learning from him. I often want to tell them to go home and get water or something to eat but during our church gathering on Sunday God called me to be different, to show them Jesus in the smallest of gestures.

God told me to make cookies. Have homemade cookies available to hand them when they say they are hungry. Purchase Costco size packages of granola bars, string cheese and water bottles available for these kiddos that are hungry and thirsty. I need to jump at the chance to serve them by pumping up their bike tires. I need to love them well because Jesus loves all of us perfectly and we are called to be a reflection of His love. It's the simple things like cookies and kindness that can show a person Jesus' love.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

End of Year Teacher Gift 2014

This year I wanted to do something sweet and simple. I printed these tags here. They are adorable. I had the boys trace their hands and then attached the hand and tag to a bottle of ant-bac soap (I bought Bath and Body Works soap - they have an amazing June sale each year.) I also included a gift card to Starbucks. Those teachers work hard and I love celebrating them throughout each school year.

Airplane Goodie Bags for Kids

In May we took an amazing trip to Southern California to visit family. I always try to be super organized for the plane ride so that none of my kids get restless or antsy. In other words - I bring lots of fun stuff to entertain them and if they start to get antsy I always hide lollipops in my purse for emergencies.

 Three bags of goodies. One for each kiddo.

This one is for my 3 year old. Fundoh, stickers, coloring book, blank pad of paper, crayons, gum, fishies, granola bars, Tic Tacs (his favorite), fruit leather and dried apple slices.

I made two packs of the following items. One for my 8 year old and another for my 6 year old. This pack included special crayons, painting pads, blank Darth Vader notepad, fundoh, granola bars, Tic Tacs, gum, fruit leather, and dried apples.

My boys love Legos and "guys". So, I packed up a handful of their favorites for the trip. They all fit nicely into this pencil box.

The best places to find some of these goodies is at Target. They have great seasonal items in their dollar bins.

Hope this is helpful as you travel with little ones!