Saturday, March 14, 2009

Life in Ttown

This is my first official blog. This is all new to me but I thought this would be the perfect way to record my day to day life being at home with my two amazing little boys. What a great way to share life with others! 

My husband (of seven years) and I moved to Tacoma, Washington over 5 years ago. We grew up in the Seattle area and always thought that Tacoma was ghetto. Wow, were we wrong and, wow, has this city changed. We lived right next to the glass museum for the first 6 months living in Tacoma. It was so fun to experience urban Tacoma by living in the heart of this ever changing and improving city. We soon realized that we could purchase a large, old house for less that what our monthly rent was at our apartment. We purchased a house in the Lincoln District and to this day love this neighborhood and our neighbors. 

We moved to Tacoma to be a part of Soma Communities. We adore our Soma family and have seen the impact God and those that live on mission in Tacoma have affected this city.

My boys, Noah and Caed, are wonderful. I always knew that I would have at least one boy but now I'm pretty convinced that God just wants me to have boys. I think He knows I can handle but I'm not totally convinced of that yet. Each week is an adventure around here and I look forward to sharing what my life is like here in Ttown.

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  1. Welcome to blogging! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

    The Mobergs