Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spending time with the boys!

Today I felt as though I needed a little mom time with the boys. So, we headed to the Children's Museum. We just purchased a membership for this year. They love running around like wild animals (literally.) Noah dressed up as a Coyote and scared the little girls that were playing. Caed had fun sitting in the boat fishing.

I was reading in one of my favorite "mom" books called, A Mother's Heart. The author discusses what quality time really means to a child. I feel as though quality time usually involves just "being there" for my kids. I don't have to go do something big with my boys to make them feel loved - although they enjoy that too. Quality time is being there if they fall down and need a hug or being available just to listen to them.

Life is so simple in a child's mind. I wish I could be more like them sometimes.

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