Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Seabrook - One of our favs!

We love trips! We, as a family, look forward to little and big adventures. This last weekend we headed to Seabrook, WA. Seabrook is an adorable cottage community right near the ocean. There are not many cute, whimsical, and fun vacation spots on the Washington coast. Seabrook is really the only one.

We headed to the ocean around 6:30 AM on Saturday morning (my parents were already there - they had arrived and checked in the night before.) We arrived around 8:30 AM and had a blast the entire time. It poured down rain all day Saturday so we put on the boy's rainboots and jumped in mud puddles, went down to the beach to watch people dig for razor clams and ate chili and cornbread. It was a great weekend. Noah and Caed LOVED the hot tub that our rental cottage had.

If you have a chance check out Seabrook. It is great for a little getaway!

Organic Produce Delivery

About a month ago we started having organic produce delivered from Terra Organics. It has been great! I usually spend $50/month on produce anyways - this way I don't have to waste gas to go and buy it and we support local organic farmers by purchasing our produce through Terra. I've had to be creative too - always trying new recipes to use up that produce before the next delivery arrives. We recently received yellow carrots - I had never seen yellow carrots before. They tasted super yummy and they were just so fun looking. We are excited about Terra Organics. I love the delivery service, the fresh organic produce, and supporting local farms.