Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where did all of this stuff come from?

Cleaning the basement is such a daunting task! We started tackling our basement a few days ago and we are slowly getting there. One pile is to sell, another pile contains boxes of Todd's childhood memories that need to be sorted, another pile is to giveaway for free to whoever wants it, another pile is for the future "homegoods swap" I would like to host in the next couple of months for friends and neighbors. Seriously - why do we need all this stuff? Let's simplify! GIVE IT ALL AWAY.

Ok - I might need those baby clothes again, I might need that book, I might need that camping stuff (that we have used once in 8 years!), I might need those holiday decorations for next year, I might need that snowboard, I might need that old wedding dress of mine, I might need...
Well, at least all our stuff is organized now so I can actually find it:)