Sunday, February 7, 2010


Tomorrow I am leaving town for a few days. I am headed to the ocean to rest, relax, work on women's retreat, catch up on homework and most importantly to retreat and draw closer to our creator. I am so excited to have this time. I will miss my men terribly but know that this is what I need right now. My heart yearns to know God and the gospel more and more each moment of each day. Speaking of the gospel...

Tonight I met with my good friends Courtney and Julie and we each shared what we are walking through at this moment in our life and spoke truth into one another's hearts. I was reminded of how good, great, glorious and gracious God is in the midst of the hardest and most "poopy" times (I really wanted to type another word for "poopy" but refrained from doing so - but, really that is the real word to use here.) Yet, our circumstances do not reflect God's love for us. God is constant - He is always good, great, glorious and gracious despite our circumstances!

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  1. So true! It was great spending time with you and Courtney yesterday! Enjoy your retreat!