Friday, January 21, 2011

Pearce's Birth Story

I was looking through my blog and realized that I had never posted Pearce's birth story. Well here it is...

On January 21 I woke up with contractions at 4 AM they were consistent but not painful (yet!) so I decided to go back to bed for awhile. At 6 AM I woke up Todd and told him that it was time. We called Todd's mom to come down and be with the boys. Every time I had a contraction I had to walk into Pearce's room, hold onto the crib and breathe. We headed to the hospital and checked in. I think it is so silly that we pre-registered but still had to be admitted. This is not a fun process when you are having contractions every 3 minutes.

We headed to our room and met our amazing nurse, Heather. She gave me ideas on how to make labor more comfortable. The worst part was having to lay in the bed so that the nurses could get a heartbeat on Pearce. I found it best to walk around, sway and breathe. I labored in that room for about an hour and then moved to the delivery room to climb in the bathtub. The bathtub was great, except when I had a contraction I had to lift myself out of the tub because I kept having sharp pains in my back.

I finally couldn't handle the pain any longer and told Todd to find the nurse and tell her I wanted an epidural. She came in and told me to come to the bed to be checked. Sure enough I was at a 10. That explained my intense pain! She asked if I still wanted the epidural and my response was, "No way. Let's do this." I just wanted to get him out and be done.

My midwife wasn't to the hospital yet so another doctor stood in and watched as I began to push. It was so hard to push through the pain - it just didn't make sense to push when I was in so much pain. Finally, my midwife arrived and said she was going to break my water. I so wanted to tell her that it already broke but I was in so much pain I couldn't talk. She figured it out. We then began to push. I almost kicked her in the face at first because I was still having a hard time pushing thru the pain. I pushed for about 10 minutes and Pearce came out sunny side up - crazy guy! That explained the back labor I was experiencing in the bathtub. The first thing I said when he came out was, "I am so glad to not be pregnant anymore!" The nurses all laughed. He was born at 9AM on January 21, 2011. It was only an intense 2 hour labor. Noah was 28 hours and Caed was 13 hours so, this felt amazing!

It was the best and worst experience of my life. I had so much energy after my natural birth. It was so different compared to being induced with Noah and Caed. So, there it is. It was such a great experience and even though it was scary, hard and intense it was worth it. I was super thankful for Todd. He was so calm during the process. I told him afterwards how much I appreciated his calm words while I was pushing to which he responded, "I was just copying whatever the nurse said." Well, all I remember hearing was him and the nurse calmly talking to me and it helped me push that baby out.  I am thankful to have experienced a natural childbirth.

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