Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter is on its way

Yesterday I headed to Walmart to pick up a broom (of all things!) While I was there I decided to pick up Noah and Caed's Easter treats. Walmart at Easter is overwhelming! Ok, Walmart all the time is overwhelming.
I know Pearce, I feel the same way about Walmart.
I decided to not purchase actual Easter baskets because we have about 6 sand buckets in our outdoor storage chest. I wanted to save a couple of dollars by just reusing our sand pails we already had. Here is a picture of what I purchased.
Sand pails that we already had. They just needed a good scrub.
Here is the final product. Totally boy Easter baskets! I know they will LOVE it. My boys are aware of what Easter is really about and we will be reading the story of Jesus' death and resurrection on Easter to them as a reminder. These monsters scare me a little.
Especially this one, look at how he is staring at my camera!

Happy Easter to you and your family. He has risen, risen indeed!

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