Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lived In

Yesterday morning over at The Nester she was discussing how lived in houses are chic. She linked this book and it was such a great reminder for me.

Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of A Misspent Life: How to live creatively with collections, clutter, work, kids, pets, art, etc... and stop worrying about everything being perfectly in its place.

Sometimes blogs give you this idea that their house, lives, children, pets, jobs and what not are all perfect but I am daily reminded (by looking at my own house, kiddos, naughty cats, and my hubby's busy job) that nothing in this world is perfect.

One of my favorite mommy books is called A Mother's Heart. Here is a section from it that hit me recently as I learn to balance our home life with three little boys.

1. A mother's world must not revolve only around her children. Children are not more important than God or our husbands.
For their own well-being and the well-being of your marriage, children must understand that they come after your spouse. They need to know they fit into a secure place within an established set of relationship. This will help them develop a Christian concept of marriage.

2. Children are more important than housework, but parents must still do their work.
While we want our children to know that they are more important than the house, we also want them to learn that everyone has work to do. We want them to remember a diligent, hard-working mother who enjoyed her responsibilities. She didn't always drop what she was doing to play. Children must also learn how to wait patiently.

3. Mother is a person too. 
Children need to know that our strength and endurance are not limitless. Mothers do not exist solely for their children's benefit. They need and deserve time for themselves.

Well said!

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