Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Organized Secret!

Today the boys and I ran to Target to pick up a few organizing essentials to finish up our crazy linen closet. We finished - yipee! It was a task trying to figure out what should go where and what it should be stored in. Here is the before...
And now...

Games and puzzles for the boys.
These are the items the boys can access at anytime - paper, coloring books, crayons,  and chalk.
These are the items the boys need permission to use - pens, stamps,  glitter glue,  pastels, and other fun stuff.
I have two tubs for medicine - one for children and the other for adults.
Two tubs for toiletry items such as sunscreen, extra shampoo,   lip gloss, etc...
The top shelf holds our yoga mats, overnight bags, and seasonal linens.
This tub on the very bottom shelf holds our queen and twin sheet sets.
Everything has it's place. It feels good to have that one done!

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