Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Garden

The weather was finally nice yesterday and not too windy for Mr. Pearce. So, we headed outdoors to start working on our vegetable garden. It needs some love!

Caed helped me pull some weeds and tulips (leftover from last year.) I then attempted to move our rotted cedar planters from the backyard to our garden so that I could dump the rich soil into our garden. We are going to till and then plant. It was a challenge. I only ended up moving one by myself and relied on Todd later in the day to move the others.

Caed was loving the worms and Pearce was tolerating the stroller. He is still too little for my jogger. He kept slipping down and complaining, although, I did get a cute smile out of him - it doesn't take much for him to crack a grin.

Now it is time to mix up the soil and get it ready for planting. What should we plant this year? I am thinking sunflowers, tomatoes, green beans and zucchini. I am praying for a hot summer so that my garden does well, last year was terrible. We will see...

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