Sunday, April 24, 2011

Placemat Pillows

I love colorful and decorative pillows! I wish I could have them on every bed, every chair and the couch. Yet, the reality is that I end up picking them up off the floor about 5 times a day because I have boys and they seem to get thrown off or kicked off all types of furniture.

Despite that fact I still love them and love how they make our house feel cozy. I went to World Market and decided to take a look at napkins. You can sew two together and make the cutest pillows. Then I saw these and thought, wow, this is even easier!

I purchased two placemats at $3.99 each plus, I had a coupon.
I cut the stitching on one side about 4 inches long and started stuffing.
Close them up with a little bit of hand stitching or whip out that sewing machine. Viola! Two adorable decorative pillows for our couch that will end up on our floor.
Here are a few other options for pillows at World Market - so many fun colors and patterns to choose from. Enjoy!


  1. Sondra, this is brilliant! I would have never thought about being able to just stuff placemats. I'm SO doing this.

  2. love this idea! I am already wanting to change out the pillows in my living room - practically all of them :)

  3. Oooh, this is a great idea, Sondra! I will definitely have to try it.