Monday, April 18, 2011

Seabrook Decor

Every time I go to Seabrook I see another fun and creative decorating idea. Here are a few things that I really enjoyed in the house we stayed in. Enjoy!
So easy to make. An old bi-fold door turned magazine rack. I can't wait to try this one.

Cute lamp - you could fill this with all sorts of fun stuff.
Open kitchen, dining and family area. I adore the round table  and chairs.
The kitchen/dining room is a great place for a chalkboard!
This is a tin perpetual calendar. 
This is a great item to hang and fill in a blank space between two windows.
Tile in the bathrooms.
I hope to have something similar in our downstairs bathroom someday.
Cute hooks and chalkboard by the back door.
They painted a vinyl splat mat for under their dining room table. Great idea!
They added more seating to the family room with these old theatre chairs. Clever!
Rustic wood floors.

This is just one of many adorable houses at Seabrook. Check out their web site to book your next trip to the ocean.
Just click here: Seabrook Vacation

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