Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trip to IKEA and some Rec Room Ideas

While Noah was on spring break the boys, Grammie and I headed off to IKEA. Let's just say IKEA is brilliant for having a play area. They actually watch your kids for free for one hour while you shop - this is brilliant, seriously! So, Noah and Caed played while Pearce, Grammie and I shopped.

We are in the process of planning to build a rec room/craft room in our basement by next winter. With three boys a rec room is essential for my sanity. Here are some pics of the current space. It is a yucky but dry space right now. It will soon be transformed (by winter time) to a fun play room and a craft area for me and the boys. I can't wait! I will post the plans soon. 

Here are some ideas for the space...

 I love this for a little entertainment area to keep a TV for movies and baskets for toys and books. I prefer this grey toned one - it is so warm and cozy like.

 I will need a craft desk for sure! I love this glass top - so fun. 
The white desk is only 19.99 - what a steal.

 Love these two light fixtures - I've been thinking of changing our fixture in our dining room.  What do you think? The wicker one with texture to add interest or the sleek and modern white one. Such a choice!
 Love this super fun bedding and at such a great price too!

I came away with nothing other than some peace while I shopped, a tummy full of meatballs and some dark chocolate. It was a successful trip:)

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