Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our Community

My good friend Lindsay posted this on her blog the other day and I thought I would share it as well.

Seven years ago Jeff Vanderstelt shared with us a vision he had for a church body that loved Jesus and loved people. After hearing this vision of what the church should really look like we prayed for months about what God would have us do. We quite our jobs in the Seattle area and moved to Tacoma not knowing what God had for us here. It has been an adventure and we are thankful for God's calling many years ago.

If you have ever wondered why we wanted to be part of Soma Communities here is a video that sums it up well. We are so thankful for our Soma family. Being a part of Soma has changed our lives and our view on how to love people. We are challenged daily to love people like Jesus loves people. To not put on a smiley face and say I'm a Christian but to be real and raw about life. Click on the link (Soma Communities) below to watch the video.
Soma Communities - Tacoma, WA

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