Monday, July 18, 2011

Restore Habitat for Humanity

I've been dying to go check out Tacoma's Restore. It is located on Puyallup Ave. downtown Ttown not far from Freighthouse Square. I wanted to see if there was anything worth snagging for our own home.
We are currently looking for a toilet.  I found this one....but I did a quick review on it with my handy dandy cell phone with internet to see if it was worth $60. The reviews said it gets clogged easily - so that was a no go.
The store had some great cabinets so if you ever need a random cabinet piece this is the place for you. Along with new and old furniture, super fun old doors and lots of construction glue, screws, pipes, etc... Some of the items were a bit spendy but it's worth popping in once in awhile to see what they have plus, it's for a good cause. Habitat for Humanity does some amazing things for families. 

I almost purchased this baby - only $125 for the table and chairs. Great deal! I may need to go back and purchase it.
Loved this! I can imagine how beautiful it would be with some sanding and paint.

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