Friday, September 9, 2011

Blank Wall Gets Art

I have had this set of three photos for years. I think around 8 years to be exact. They have moved with us several times and have had many different walls to hang on. They have lived on my bedroom floor for over a year now and yesterday I just couldn't take it anymore! So, I made Todd hang them for me. I'm sure it was the last thing he felt like doing but being the gracious hubby he is he did it anyway. They now have a permanent home on our bedroom wall. FINALLY!

This is our current master bedroom although, we have moved our master bedroom to other rooms in our home. Presently we have a friend living in our upstairs master bedroom (that is unfinished.) Someday it will be finished and we will have a beautiful master suite with walk in closet and soaking tub. For now this is our master bedroom...

There it is for now:)

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