Monday, September 19, 2011

Football in Nebraska

Yesterday we returned home from a quick trip to Nebraska. I know, I know, why Nebraska? We have family friends that live in Lincoln and last year they came out for the Husky vs. Husker game so in return we (my side of the family) came out for the Husky vs. Husker game this year. Lincoln is a cute town - it has a mix of old homes and new homes and they sure LOVE their football. We had a great time just catching up with everyone, tailgating and watching the game. We left Noah and Caed at home with Grandma Pat and Grandpa Paul. Pearce enjoyed his one on one time with mom and dad.
Pearce's first time on a subway (Seatac). It was 5 AM - ugh.

Pearce watching people walk by at Denver airport. 
Our good friends, Jeff, Beth and their adorable kiddos (minus one - Abigail was at school).
Me and my sister.
Todd, Pearce and I at lunch. Pearce looks worried? 
Josh, Andi, Danny, Kendra, Me, Todd and Pearce.
This is where we ate lunch - a hole in the wall bar. Did you know that babies are allowed in bars? Crazy! 
Josh, Andi, Danny and Pearce at another bar. Pearce is like, "You can't have babies in a bar!" 
Yummy cupcakes! 
Tailgating food. 
Our tailgating party! I have no idea what Andi is doing - she is crazy.
Yummy cookies from Eileen's Bakery - I so wish we had one here.

Getting ready for the big game.
The stadium was a sea of red Husker fans. You can see a little bit of purple representing in the corner:)

Watching the game.
This is how the Huskers celebrate the first touchdown - hundreds of red balloons.
 This would be considered environmentally unfriendly here in Washington.
Overall we had a blast! Husker fans are so polite and friendly. We loved the small town of Lincoln and would totally move there if they had mountains, water, and a Starbucks on every corner:)

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