Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Where I'm at Today

Maybe I am just now realizing the reality of having three little boys - we are busy x3. This week Todd and I were talking about how we can't even keep things straight - dates, times, and our kids names (ok, that's not entirely true - we know their names we just like to call Pearce, Caed and Caed, Noah and Noah, Pearce, once in awhile.) Today I thought it was Thursday and picture day at school. I had the boys all prepared and didn't realize that it was only Wednesday until I dropped Caed off to preschool this afternoon. Oh my! I must be distracted this week - distracted by our busy life, grieved to see people hurting, tired from lack of sleep and a sense of longing in my heart. I am reminded daily right now to call out to God. 
This is where I'm at today. 
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