Friday, November 25, 2011

Walmart Ugh!

My sister and her hubby wanted to hit Walmart Thanksgiving day to purchase a ride and drive car for their two boys so Todd and I decided to join in on the fun and see what craziness we could experience. We hit Walmart and it was insane! I have never seen anything like it. People were pushing and shoving to get to the products they had on their list. I was super sick afterwards. It was American consumerism at it's worst, seriously! Here are three pics I took of the chaos. One lady purchased every single game they had displayed (picture below.) Another man purchased every single bike on sale, we wanted to buy one for Noah but when we got to that section he had already loaded hundreds of bikes onto carts. Seriously? It reminded me how important it is to focus on Jesus this Christmas and not be consumed by material things that have no value.

Tomorrow I am going to post some great ways to focus on Jesus this Christmas. Stay tuned...

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  1. Maybe we can hope that they bought all the bikes and games to give to kids that might not otherwise have a Christmas gift this Christmas? :)