Friday, July 29, 2011

Vacation Time

Noah at the Hilton Hotel in Whistler being a Jedi with his hotel bathrobe on.

His first Peak 2 Peak gondola ride - AMAZING!

Reid, my sister's youngest guy. He is a spittin' image of my sister.

Lucas thinking about becoming a downhill bike athlete. Crankworks bike competition was going on during our stay. 

Pearce sleeping during the bike competition. A 15 year old won the competition. I'm glad I'm not his momma. Talk about anxiety as your child goes racing down a mountain on a bike while doing flips off crazy ramps. No thanks!

My family

My parents and their five grandsons.

Pearce LOVES swimming!

Ice cream at Cows in Whistler Village - yum.

Lucas flying into the sky.

Gelato time. Seriously, Noah is the messiest eater ever. I think he really enjoys his food. Caed loves his Uncle Mark - so sweet.

Twins! My dad and Pearce.

Grandma bought the boys bear pajamas.

We have so many amazing memories going to Whistler and we look forward to making more in the future!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Youngest of Three Boys

This is what happens when you are the youngest of three boys. Your brothers put a pirate hat on you and hand you a gun. Pearce is a gracious little man:)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Boys and Laundry

Last week I taught our boys how to do laundry. They loved sorting the clothes and pushing the buttons on the machines. We desire our boys to know how to help and serve their wives some day. It is so important to teach them to not only work hard and provide for their future families but also teach them how to cook, clean, care for children and do laundry. I think my future daughter-in-laws will thank me someday:)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Restore Habitat for Humanity

I've been dying to go check out Tacoma's Restore. It is located on Puyallup Ave. downtown Ttown not far from Freighthouse Square. I wanted to see if there was anything worth snagging for our own home.
We are currently looking for a toilet.  I found this one....but I did a quick review on it with my handy dandy cell phone with internet to see if it was worth $60. The reviews said it gets clogged easily - so that was a no go.
The store had some great cabinets so if you ever need a random cabinet piece this is the place for you. Along with new and old furniture, super fun old doors and lots of construction glue, screws, pipes, etc... Some of the items were a bit spendy but it's worth popping in once in awhile to see what they have plus, it's for a good cause. Habitat for Humanity does some amazing things for families. 

I almost purchased this baby - only $125 for the table and chairs. Great deal! I may need to go back and purchase it.
Loved this! I can imagine how beautiful it would be with some sanding and paint.

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Heavenly Feast

I came across this photo last night and it made me so happy. I imagine that this is what heaven will be like. All of us feasting together at one big table. Amazing, totally amazing! Love it.
Image #153059

Thursday, July 14, 2011

House Rules

We have had a hard year with our two older boys and have decided to set some basic House Rules for all of us to follow. I thought I would share them with all of you. As your kids get older it is important to have boundaries in place. One thing we constantly remind our boys is that they are not entitled to anything in life. It's only because of Jesus' life that we live. So, thank  you Jesus for your sacrifice so that we may have life. Hope this encourages you with your own little disciples. We are in the trenches of parenting and have realized our need for Jesus more than ever this year.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Family Room Curtains

I have been debating for months what to do about our family room windows. When we first purchased our 1927 craftsman I quickly ran to Lowe's and purchased faux wood blinds - which was a big mistake. They are hard to clean and do nothing for my home's decor. I would love to find white, thick, patterned curtains to hang up with decorative curtain rods. Here are a few options I have come across courtesy of IKEA (first three options) and World Market.
KAJSA Pair of curtains, beige, gray Length: 98 " Width: 57 " Weight: 5 lb 1 oz  Length: 250 cm Width: 145 cm Weight: 2.30 kg  HENNY RAND Pair of curtains, white/brown, gray Length: 98 " Width: 57 " Weight: 5 lb 5 oz  Length: 250 cm Width: 145 cm Weight: 2.40 kg  ALVINE KOTTAR Pair of curtains, white, grey Length: 250 cm Width: 145 cm Weight: 1.30 kg
Burnout Jacquard Curtain Panel, Ivory
I may need to purchase one of these options and then attach a white blackout lining to the back. I think a day trip to IKEA is in order soon to see the prospects in person:) What do you think?