Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gingerbread Decorating

For the last few years my sister and I have gotten our boys together to decorate gingerbread houses. This year Caed chose a gingerbread tree - which was super cute! Noah and Lucas decorated houses. My sister purchased her house from Costco and it came assembled - which saved tons of time. Next year we may need to try hot gluing graham crackers and decorating with candy that we love to eat. It was a super fun day playing, decorating and eating, of course.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Family Birthday Tree

For Christmas I made this for my mom...

I saw it on Pinterest and knew that my mom would love it and she did!
Print your own birthday tree, here (Oh, Martha!)

Friday, December 23, 2011

He is a Ham!

I have never enjoyed a baby so much. Maybe because I think he is my last...maybe it's because I'm older now, it's so not about me anymore...maybe it's because I really do believe that kid's are a blessing...maybe it's because he is so stinkin' adorable...maybe it's because he is the happiest baby ever...maybe it's because he is a kick in the pants or maybe God giving me Pearce is a reminder of my Father's love for me. Thank you God for Pearce! Each of our boys are a huge blessing to us.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Gifts for Great Teachers

I saw this idea on Pinterest and loved it! Perfect for any teacher. This will be Noah and Caed's gifts to their amazing teachers for Christmas this year. The boys helped decorate the gift bags by coloring, drawing and placing Christmas stickers all over. Here is the link for the "Thanks a latte" printout. Of course, you could use a coffee shop of your choice. We choose Starbucks because it's close to the boys' school.

DIY Magnet Boards

I started making magnet boards this last month. I thought it would be fun and simple to whip up.  So, here is a little tutorial on how I do it...

1) Find an inexpensive frame at a thrift store
2) Take it apart (Pearce loved the dated art piece that came with the frame!)
3) Paint the frame

4) Cut the sheet metal (found at Home Depot for $9 - this will make two boards)
5) Put it all back to together and tada...
Done! Simple and sweet.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Tree Skirt Stress

I wanted to make my own tree skirt this year so I purchased a couple of yards of beautiful fabric and decided to wing it and whip one up on my own. I borrowed my mother-in-laws skirt as a pattern and it went really well until I decided it was too plain and I wanted to add some ruffles. Oh, me and my great ideas!

 I ended up adding ruffles vertically - which looks pretty good. Not my favorite masterpiece but it works. Maybe I will end up purchasing a beautiful tree skirt on clearance after the holidays:) We just needed something!

Caed and his friend, Paige, playing with the train!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Movie: The Christmas Story

A couple of weeks ago we put the boys in the car, grabbed some hot chocolate and drove around Ttown looking at Christmas lights (our boys jump for joy when we do simple, spontaneous outings.) As we drove around Old Town we came across this...
Todd and I loved it! Not in a weird, creepy way but a "brings back memories of watching The Christmas Story movie" way. Isn't this hilarious? If you don't get it you need to watch The Christmas Story movie:)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Longing for Home Sale

Here are some items left over from the Christmas Boutique a couple of weeks ago. I would love to sell them all! We could really use the extra money right now as Todd's business has been super duper slow. If you live in Ttown I will deliver them to your door step:) Post a comment below if you would like to purchase any of the items listed. Thanks!
Here are the items I have for sale...

Gift Tags - $2 for 8 tags

Yarn Wreath - $20

Chalkboard Frame - $8
Slate Chalkboard - $10
Set of 4 Coasters - $8

Magnets (glass and/or clothespins) - $3 for 4
Magnet Board - $20

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Toys, Toys, Everywhere

About every 3 months or so I organize the boys' toys. They seem to collect the most random items and so while they are sleeping I take all the toy bins out of their room, sort, organize, throw away and sanitize their toys. Then before I go to bed I sneak into their room and put everything away. They love waking up to organized and sorted toys. What can I say? They are like their momma in that way - they need some order to their lives:)

Poor Star Wars guys, they always seem to lose their heads.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reminded of Love

Last week I was out with mother-in-law and sister-in-law. We hit Value Village so that I could find some goodies to paint and sell for the Christmas Boutique. After finding some great items at Value Village we hit Starbucks. Tami and I were waiting for our coffee and the barista points out the latte art on her coffee. It was in the shape of a heart (Starbucks doesn't do latte art). When we left Starbucks Tami mentioned that God will bring her hearts when she needs to be reminded of His love for her. So amazing! It got me thinking...what is a way that God shows me his love? I joked around that he shows me through Amy Butler fabric:) Maybe I need to pay more attention on how God reminds me.love_fabric

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Boutique this Saturday!

This weekend I will be selling some cute stuff at a small in-home Christmas Boutique. There will be 5 local artists that will be coming together to sell some beautiful things. There will be adorable chalk board frames, jewelry, magnets, wreaths, soaps, aprons and much, much more! Hope you can make it...

Saturday, December 3 
10 AM - 5 PM
1501 North Cedar Street in North Tacoma
(cookies and coffee will be served while you browse)