Monday, January 9, 2012

Craftsman Bath Remodel

The only room we have never touched in our Craftsman home is the bath. It was "updated" in the early 80's and amazingly it was the best room of the house when we purchased our bungalow 8 years ago. The only thing we have done in the bath is paint. Last week we purchased a new toilet and Todd was planning to replace it this weekend when we suddenly heard gushing water. We ran into the bathroom and found that the hose connected to the toilet had come undone and water was spraying everywhere. Thankfully we were home and caught it in time! As Todd took out the toilet he asked if he could just gut the entire thing and I said, "YES, PLEASE!" So, we are in the middle of a major bathroom redo and Todd has 3 days to bust it out. Here are my ideas for the bathroom - we are headed to our local home improvement store to get it figured out today.

Hex tile on the floor, a new bathtub, subway tile around the tub and up to the ceiling, a new window (which was covered up by the old tub surround), a new dark wood vanity and sink, a medicine cabinet, and a new toilet. Oh, it sounds so simple, doesn't it? After tearing out sheet rock and plaster yesterday we realized that this is a big job, but Todd is super great at it, thankfully:)


  1. Actually it is all inclusive handy work. Dry wall, plumbing, carpentry and painting. Otherwise you have to outsource it