Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dance Again

Last week my neighbor, Leslie, and I headed to Tacoma City Ballet to try one of their open classes. It was an intermediate ballet class and we had a blast. Granted I could barely walk the next couple of days but it was so great to dance again. I felt old though, my mind could remember all the french terms and I could picture myself doing the dance movements but when it came to actually physically performing them, well, that was a different story. I was a serious ballerina until high school. When I reached high school I had to decide if I was going to dance with Pacific Northwest Ballet or if I wanted a social life in high school and I chose the social life. Good thing too! I probably wouldn't have been able to spend time with Todd (my hubby) or been so involved with my youth group and those times in my life changed me forever. I have no regrets about quitting dance but I have missed it a lot and it feels good to dance again!
If you love to dance check out Tacoma City Ballet's Open Classes

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