Saturday, June 30, 2012

Community Living

Over the years we have had many people live with us. Whether it be they were getting on their feet, going to school, visiting Tacoma for a couple of months for an internship, or because their house needed some repairs done. People ask, "You always have someone living with you. Why?" The answer is simple. What we have is not ours. God is our provider and He is good to us. We have struggled with finances but despite that challenge we still feel called to open up our doors. Granted we always seek God in who we have live with us and wisdom to sort through situations that arise. Ultimately it teaches us and our boys to not live for ourselves. God has not called us to live comfortably He has called us to obey Him - even if it is hard at times. We are so blessed by those that have shared our home with us. Living in community is a blessing!

We are committed to living in and building community because of Jesus' love for us and what He has done, NOT because we think community is the answer to all of life's issues but, because we KNOW and BELIEVE that Jesus is.

Here is a poster I saw on Pinterest with some great ideas on How to Build Community. Simple ideas! I may have to add my own and whip up a poster for our art wall:)


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  1. Great post Sondra! I love the poster! I may need to make one for our house too! Thanks for sharing.