Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flower and Veggie Garden

This year we planted two rows of Dahlias and then some veggies using the square foot garden idea. If you don't know what that is here is a web site with some information for ya... Frugal Dad blog has some great ideas!

We would like to make a raised bed but just didn't have time this year. We planted zucchini, beans, tomatoes, cilantro (for homemade salsa), peppers and strawberries. We will see what happens this year! The boys love the garden - Caed gets so excited to get his hands in the dirt and plant the seeds.

Today I put him to work helping me create garden signs so that we know what is what in each square foot. I came across a great idea on Pinterest (of course!) I grabbed a bunch of wine corks and kabob skewers for our little signs. This was super easy and didn't cost me anything because we had everything we needed in our house. What a great idea, thank you Pinterest!

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