Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Perfect Yard

I was at a friend's house about a month ago and as I examined her perfectly kept lawn and flower beds I was overcome with jealousy. Jealousy because everything about her yard was perfect. No flowers were dying, the grass was green and there was fresh dirt in every flower bed. The jealousy came and went pretty quickly as God reminded me in that moment who I am to Him. His daughter, who He loves and has called to live a life that looks crazy to most. God said, "Would you rather have a perfect yard or be loving people so that they can come to know me?" My heart overflowed with great joy in that moment. I have been called to live on mission in Tacoma to lead others to Jesus - no matter how messy, ugly, hard and crazy that is, it brings great joy to live for Jesus. When we moved to Tacoma to help start Soma Communities I had no idea what we were in for but, I wouldn't trade one moment of it. The verse God has given me this year is Matthew 10:39, "Whoever finds his life will lose it and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it." Living on mission for Jesus means dying to yourself so that you can have life and freedom in Jesus. As our Missional Community in South Tacoma loves on the football players at Lincoln HS this  year I am reminded to die, die daily to my comfort and my idea of what life should look like.

As Todd and I dropped off one of the football players at home tonight my heart broke for him. He is a good kid who comes from a messed up family. God quickly told both of us in that moment to be family to him, no matter what the cost, be family to this young man. I realized how much I need the Holy Spirit to transform my heart in this season. I need to surrender it all and allow the Holy Spirit to transform me as we care for these young men and young women at Lincoln. There is such a great need and as believers we have an amazing Father who has all the answers. So, pray. Pray that God would grip your life and you would learn to lose your life daily for the sake of leading others know Jesus. If you lose your life for Jesus you will find it and that is way better than having a perfect yard.

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