Friday, September 20, 2013

Wild Things

Yes, my children were jumping on the trampoline at 7:30AM this morning. Mainly because they were driving me crazy in the house, so, I sent them outside to jump out that energy. I wanted to drink my coffee in peace and pick up the house a bit before I send them to school. Sorry to my neighbors that actually get to sleep in (I have no idea what that means anymore.) Your welcome, if your alarm didn't go off; my children are great alarm clocks, welcome to my life. No, they are not dying. This is how boys play. They wrestle, yell, fake cry and then get over it and move on. I do little monitoring during this time because I believe in giving them space to work things out. I will step in if blood is involved. Yep, just another day in the life of raising 3 little wild things.

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