Monday, October 14, 2013

Nursery to Guest Room

For the last 8 years this room has been our nursery and now that Mr. Pearce is almost 3 it was time to change things up around here. We moved all 3 boys into one bedroom and it has been interesting. In the last 2 weeks we have lost many hours of sleep but we are muscling through this transition because we feel called to do this. It's worth it to reorient our lives around making space for guests just passing through or maybe for someone who needs a family to live with for a bit. Here is what had to happen to change this space from nursery to guest room...

Before - Pearce's Nursery

In one week I...
- Painted this room grey
- Painted the baseboards white
- Todd replaced a 30 inch x 30 inch glass window pane (old houses are fun!)
- A new light fixture was installed
- I purchased a used daybed for $80 from a neighbor
- I went to IKEA and bought the famous cart that I love
- I purchased a couple of pillows from Ross - they have the best prices for pillows!
- I purchased new bedding from IKEA - duvet, pillow case plus the duvet cover
- I finally hung up one of my pallet art pieces

When our guests leave this Tuesday I will slide the trundle bed back under and make space for a long desk to be built against the wall. This desk will be used for any sewing projects that I plan to do this fall/winter. I am also thinking that it would be great to get a small TV/DVD to place in this room for the boys to hangout and watch movies. I will also be working on finding creative ways to make this room a playroom as well.

 Just in case our guests forgot something.
 The famous IKEA cart. Love this so much!
 My inexpensive Ross pillows.
 Towels tucked in a cute basket at the end of the bed.

 Books for our guests to read.
 Treats for our guests! Almond Rocha, mountain bars, gum and coffee cups.
My pallet art actually hanging in my house - finally!

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