Thursday, December 26, 2013

Redeeming Black Friday

I recently posted this on Facebook as a response to others posting about staying away from shopping and commercialism on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. I had another idea and wanted to encourage others to think differently about this huge shopping day.

Thoughts on Black Friday...

1) I like shopping and I love watching people with a coffee in hand.
2) I love good deals and don't mind crowds but I am not willing to trample over people to get them.
3) When you live on a very very limited income you need to be thrifty and Black Friday helps in this area.
4) For many years (when Todd worked for Starbucks) he always volunteered to work holidays/holiday weekends for the extra pay and awesome tips. This was a huge blessing to us in that season! I know that many other people do the same to help support their families. I respect that.

I will be shopping on Black Friday and I look forward to blessing the socks off those that work in the customer service industry (lots of smiles, thank you's, and tips) because their job can be hard. Maybe our perspective on Black Friday should be to go out and bless others (buy someone's coffee, greet people, hold the door open, hand out candy canes, etc...)! Let's not grumble about Black Friday but redeem it.

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