Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Missional Mom Calling

I have been struggling over the last year. The struggle came when God showed me my call to love and care for teenagers in the City of Tacoma. The struggle is that I am a wife to my husband and a mom to 3 little boys (9,7 and 3). How does my calling to care for teenagers work with being a wife and a momma? Should I feel guilty for leaving my boys with grandma so I can take teenage girls out to coffee after school? Should I feel guilty that I often (during the day and in the evening) need to work on e-mail to communicate needs and advocate for teenagers that I live life with? Should I feel guilty spending all Friday afternoon and evening with the football team at Lincoln HS? These are the questions that are running through my head. Sometimes I need to be away from my family in order to care well for the teens in my life; other times my family is an active part in caring for the teenagers (having teens over for dinner, picking teens up from school, hosting events at our home, going out to frozen yogurt, having an open door policy for teenagers, etc...)

Recently I started reading this book.


I'm not even done reading it but, this morning as I read it, it was confirmation from the Spirit of what I am called to do and that I am called to seek God first and obey what He calls me to do. The word "missional" gets thrown around a lot these days. Missional means to make disciples of Jesus this includes those who believe and those who don't believe in Jesus. It's life on life with people no matter where you and what you are doing. (Thanks Soma Tacoma for helping me understand this more and more!)

Helen Lee says, "Missional moms find ways to affirm their roles as mothers and wives without losing sight of their ultimate calling - to pursue God first and foremost and to live out the mission He has given"

We are in a new season of life. Our boys are getting older and more independent. They don't need me in the same way they did when they were babies or toddlers. It looks different.When they were little I spent a lot of time developing relationships with moms that I met at the park or encouraging other moms in our neighborhood and church community.

There should be no guilt associated with my calling. That guilt comes from me believing the lie that I am created to only be a wife and mom. Being a wife and mom is part of my calling but NOT my only calling.

"Our greatest and most constant temptation as parents is to unseat the Sovereign from His throne and replace Him with our family." says author Leslie Fields.

I really believe that many moms buy into the belief that they are called to be a wife and mom and that's it. I've seen moms focus so much on their own family that they miss countless opportunities to live out the other areas they are called to.

Ultimately Jesus wants our hearts and desires for us to seek Him first. Being a wife and mom is a great calling but it's not my only calling. What else is Jesus calling you to?

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  1. Hi Sondra! When I found the infinity scarf you pinned, I noticed that you didn't have a lot of Google + followers, so I went there to keep an eye on what you posted.. I read about your calling to work with teenagers and want to tell you that it is a fantastic calling. Stop beating yourself up about worrying about when to fit it in with your busy family schedule. God makes the time and the way for us to answer his call. I taught for thirty years and ended my career with an on-the-job fall.
    I taught Family and Consumer Science in High School for over 16 of those years. I had been drawn to my Home Ec teacher in high school and I really wanted to know if all families were like mine, and if so, how I could help make them better.

    God made the way for me to get through college and to find a position in a world where the Home Ec teacher had to die, move away, retire, etc, It happens that my first year of teaching I taught "out of field" and the next year that same school hired me as a second home ec teacher.. Teaching high school was truly an indoctrination in family and teenagers.

    Kids from the all walks of life are crying out for positive influencers in their life. So many kids have already "given up on a career they dreamed of and have given up on their life and decided they would have to "settle for."

    I found myself as the underdog's advocate when no parents stepped forward to represent the student when administrator's requested meetings. Many times, it put me on the wrong side of my personal career. Facebook has allowed me to connect with some from those students from early years, which is a blessing. Love to see the success they have made of their own personal lives. Middle school came next for me and I loved that age group too. I found them to be more open to dreaming and soaking up encouragement to believe in themselves. My final position was in a high school that I was promised a position in Home Ec, didn't get the promise, but it was Home Ec. I prayed every day in my classroom because I was so sure it was hell on earth. I didn't plan to leave because I knew I was needed, then i fell
    Looking back I believe God foundI may have stayed with compromises, but the admin were unwilling. That was the beginning of the cell phones too and now I am so thankful that I stopped teaching there.

    Anyone who teaches needs many prayers from family and community!

    --Let Go and let God direct you to what you can currently do.Your boys young years are full of memories and go quickly, so always put hubby second to God, and the kids next. Start small, including your kids but always put them first. You want their teenage years to be successful too, Don't regret missing their life highlights, be there first, then do your calling. Look around, the majority start a little at a time. Live your life in the spirit of God and the ensuing happiness that will follow!